Performing Artists, 2010-2019

Ellen Avery

Ellen Avery holds a Bachelor of Arts (Dance), a Bachelor of Education, a Graduate Diploma of Language Teaching, and is undertaking her Masters in the area of linguistics. She has worked as a dancer with choreographers Alicia Min Harvie, Juanita Jelleyman, Jacob Lehrer, Aiden Munn, Sue Peacock, Scott Putman and Judy Swan, performing in a variety of interdisciplinary projects throughout Australia, the United Kingdom, Vietnam and Myanmar. Ellen is the Remnant Dance Project Administrator and has toured extensively with the collective as a dancer, administrator and technical assistant, since 2011.


Katie Chown

Katie Chown is a founding Remnant Dancer and the Director of Element Occupational Therapy, Western Australia (WA).  She studied ballet at the Graduate College of Dance and the Terri Charlesworth Ballet Centre, trained in contemporary dance at the Rotterdam Dance Academy in the Netherlands, and then completed a Bachelor of Arts (Performing Arts) and a Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy) in Australia. Katie danced with Link Dance Company (WA) before joining Remnant Dance. She has since performed throughout Australia, Vietnam, China and Myanmar, integrating her dance practice with cross-cultural work as both a dancer and occupational therapist. 


Lucinda Coleman

Lucinda Coleman holds a Bachelor of Arts, Post-Graduate Diploma of Education, Graduate Diploma of Dance Instruction, is a Master of Creative Industries and a Doctor of Philosophy (performing arts), which was conferred by the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), in 2017. She is an experienced dancer and choreographer, as well as a published dance scholar. Lucinda’s dance works have been performed throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia, and since founding Remnant Dance in 2010, include performances for the Cancer Council, STRUT Dance, the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Perth FRINGEWORLD, Chrissie Parrott’s 121212, charity organisations and performances at theatre and community venues across Australia. As Remnant Dance Maker, Lucinda has directed and produced over 20 arts productions throughout Vietnam, China, Myanmar, and Australia (2010-2018).