Emily Grace


  Nina Rovis-Hermann


 Matthew Vu


Kate Emily holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion and Textile Design from Curtin University and a Certificate III in Micro Business Management. On graduation, she received funding to start up a sustainable women’s wear label and now experiments with natural and up-cycled resources for her sustainable fashion label ‘Dreamscapes and Dragonflies’.

Nina holds a Diploma in Dance/Performing Arts from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts. She danced with the West Australian Ballet Company; her career then expanding to incorporate a diverse range of dance genres including contemporary, cabaret & classical Japanese dance, in a variety of settings within Australia, the Netherlands and Japan. 

Matthew has trained in martial arts since the age of ten, including ti quon dochoy lay fut, and yang mian. In 2007 he opted for a less aggressive style of movement and started studying ballet full time at the Tanya Pearson classical academy. He discovered many similarities between the two disciplines which helped accelerate the learning process.