"Performing in place brings to the fore the nature of inhabitation: what it means to live in/with a place, and what it means to be inhabitated by a place." (McAuley, 2006, p.17)


The beauty of our river location belies danger and poses a genuine threat to safety. The place demands careful negotiation: beware the jagged rocks beneath waters moving with unexpected force. We observe the patterns of light in the foaming dance on rock, on dirt, on tree branches–and seek to embody the patterns of place in a moment of suspended time. As site-practitioners, we are alert, responsive and patient.

The water moves, distorting our shapes: directing our part in the dance.


* Video of Katie Chown in Val Taleggio, Italy, 2018, by Lucinda Coleman. Used with permission.


McAuley, G. (Ed.) (2006). Unstable Ground Performance and the Politics of Place. Bruxelles, Belgium: Oxford.