La goccia del giorno/The drop of the day: DODICI/TWELVE

“Only a being obsessed with impossible/unsolvable problems can make a breakthrough in possible knowledge” (Zizek, 2004, p. 139).


The sun is yet to emerge from the banked clouds overhead. Like little black lizards, the dancers mould their skins to sculptured rock beds. The camera breathes on the belly of one of the sleeping forms awaiting a solar cue. There is little to be done while waiting for the light to shadow dancing shapes in the cascading waterfalls. The environment determines perspective and the dancers’ task is one of patient observation and response. The thundering, rushing of water dominants the delicate singing of wind and flutter of insects. In waiting for nature’s invitation to join the dance, human beings are led to respond intuitively: exploring with all the senses of the body. Fingers grip grey sloped rock as ten toes lengthen: feeling, exploring, reaching, inquiring . . .

Perhaps it is an impossible task to capture the essence of water, endlessly moving and shape-shifting under the brooding sky?




Zizek, S. (2004). Organs without Bodies: On Deleuze and Consequences: Routledge.