La goccia del giorno/The drop of the day: QUATTORDICI/FOURTEEN

“touch is an aspect of knowledge production” - Fiona Bannon and Duncan Holt (2012, p. 1)


In reflecting on the experiences of collaborative site work, we each have expressed gratitude for the opportunity to have time and space to do the artistic work. We are thankful to be working with other creative artists, in the water, with multiple camera lens inviting new perspectives on dance movement responsive to water, rock, sun and foliage. As we focus in the moment, we hear new ideas for camera angles, and embrace suggestions for the construction of dance material. We discover a collaborative groove: listening, observing, doing, reflecting, suggesting, embracing, questioning, analysing, evaluating. 

The space is activated through touch, leaving traces  . . .






Bannon, F., & Holt, D. (2012). Engaging with touch: Transformative learning in dance. In S. W. Stinson, C. Svendler Neilsen, & S.-Y. Liu (Eds.), Dance, young people and change: Proceedings of the daCi and WDA Global Dance Summit. Taiwan, July 14th – 20th 2012: Taipei National University of the Arts.