La goccia del giorno/The drop of the day: QUINDICI/FIFTEEN

“Oh, the places you’ll go . . . “ – Dr. Seuss

Okay, allora; this is a sneak peek of a process that is difficult, dirty and filled with uncertainty. After the second take (not worth showing), we confer, discuss, talk about lunch, laugh, and agree to the third take. We grapple with things that can be refined, as it becomes clear there are things that can’t be controlled. This documentation of our site-dance is work-in-progress, unpolished and pebbly. If you have stayed with us this far, we thank you (and hit us up for a free Myanmar Card Pack, as we still have some left from our last international project)!

If you want to see this, watch it. If not, still watch it.




Seuss, Dr. (1990). Oh, the places you’ll go! New York: Random House.