La goccia del giorno/The drop of the day: SEDICI/SIXTEEN

“I don’t think we can just decontextualize gestures and movement. The question is how it is contextualised” (Butler, 2016, p. 1). 


Towards the end of our dance residency, we take stock: reviewing footage, cataloguing images . . . and we consider how to contextualise movement so that audience engagement might be activated. For 16 days we have explored river spaces, responding with bodies and cameras; expressing and embracing the water-y systems. For 16 days, we have asked each other questions . . . 

How does it feel? What do you see? How does the water move? How do you move? And how do you feel?



* Image taken by Ellen Avery in Sottochiesa, Italy, 2018. Used with permission.  



Butler, J. (2016). Trump is emancipating unbridled hatred. Zeit Online. Retrieved from