If the shoe fits

Length: 20min

Sound: Toby Twining Music- Shaman: ‘Shaman, Sanctus, Between Stars, Hee*oo*oom*ha’

Costume: Kate Townsend

Choreography: Lucinda Coleman


If the Shoe Fits, Wear it!  Or so the saying goes. 

This is the starting place for investigation into whether we comfortably wear the trappings of culture and willingly share the things that fit us - or whether we force others into things too tight and uncomfortable.  

Using the shoes as a metaphor for cultural morés, If the Shoe Fits invites you to deconstruct culture by exploring what people choose to ‘put on’ and ‘walk in’.  What fits?  How do we share the wisdom and knowledge of our cultural heritage? 

How do we reconcile loss and deal with injustice?  How does grace season the conversation of danced dialogues and offer a way to walk together, regardless of the footwear chosen - or perhaps because of it?