Don’t try to analyze this.

Respond to the mystery of the dance. Listen to the silence. Trust yourself.

Soak in the dark and light of the stories of belonging. Look for the shades of colour:

the red of life in the green of what is growing

in a world that seeks to grasp the ungraspable and make sense of the


Let go, simply




Photography by Amanda Humphries © Remnant Dance 2013

Choreography: Lucinda Coleman

Dancers: Stephanie Chan, Katie Chown, Charity Ng, Caroline Stevenson, Esther Van Baren, Benjamin Chown, Michael Keen

Singer: Cara Phillips

Costumes: Kate-Emily Townsend, the dancers

Soundscape: Main Titles – Rachel Portman; Shaman, Sanctus, Between Stars, Hee-oo-oom-ha – Toby Twining Music; Vianne Confronts the CornteMinor Swing – Rachel Portman; Red in the Green- Priscilla Chan; Silence is One of the Voices of God, The Red Birds in the Green Growing Tree- Clarissa Pinkola Estes;Ocean – John Butler Trio

Filmed and edited: Cara Phillips

Length: 60mins

Première: Fremantle Festival, Western Australia 31 Oct-1 Nov 2013