Winery Psalms. . .

. . . the mixed half dozen

…wine, music, dance, art…

6 short dance works, 6 choreographers, 6 visual artists, 6 composers

Mix & match with wine tasting and celebrate this unique sensory experience with a ½ dozen 10min contemporary dance theatre pieces to inspire the soul and awaken the senses.

2015: first development of collaborative pieces

2016: Premiere of winery psalms, hosted by Fillaudeau’s Restaurant, featuring wines by Pinelli Estate  in the Swan Valley (WA) 15-21 April 2016.


5:30-7pm performances: Fri 15th, Sat 16th, Sun 17th @ $55-/ ticket (includes wine-tasting & drinks) with dinner option of 4 course meal for $75-/adult; $20-/child under 12, at Fillaudeau’s to follow

*Sun show includes Artists’ Talk 7:30-8pm with Johannes Luebbers, Sue Peacock, Sue Starcken, Julie Valenzuela

6-7:30pm performance: Tues 19th @ $55-/ticket (includes wine-tasting & drinks)

6-7:30pm performances: Wed 20th – Mid-week Special @ $45-/ ticket (includes wine-tasting & drinks) and 

*Q&A with artists Frances Barbe, Kirsten Biven, Katie Chown, Anna-Kat Hicks, following the performance

5:30-7pm performance: Thurs 21st @ $55-/ ticket (includes wine-tasting & drinks) with Closing Night Dinner Special: 3 course meal at Fillaudeau’s for $50-/adult; $20-/child under 12, after the final performance

Bookings: contact Ellen Avery via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In response to a fragment of text and aroma of wine, six short contemporary dance theatre pieces welcome engagement with others through the collaborative work of visual artists, composers, choreographers and dancers. Audience members are invited to experience viscerally sensory connection through visual, aural and kinaesthetic (wine tasting and responding to site-specific installations) mediums.


by the glass . . .

Winery Psalm Feb 2016 Pinelli wines version

Image by Amanda Humphries © Remnant Dance 2015

tasting notes . . .

1970 Morrison Sparkling; Sometimes their words move in lofty spirals; other times they take strident leaps, and all of it is punctuated with warm-pulsed laughter . . .  Toni Morrison The Bluest Eye

                                    Artist: Jo DarvallComposers: Anna-Kat Hicks, Digby Hill, & Julie Valenzuela; Choreographer: Scott Putman

                                   Wine: Sparkling        

1472 Alighieri Verdelho; . . .that damned flower. . . Dante Alighieri The Divine Comedy

                                    Artist: Amanda HumphriesComposer:  Digby HillChoreographic team: Hyphen - Jacob Lehrer, Matthew McVeigh,

                                   Chloe Flockart

                                   Wine: Verdelho

1968 Alcott Chenin Blanc; I’m not afraid, but it seems as if I should be homesick for you even in heaven. Louisa May Alcott Little Women

                                    Artist: Kirsten BivenComposer: Anna-Kat HicksChoreographer: Frances Barbe

                                    Wine: Chenin Blanc

1958 Nishida Cabernet Merlot; Beauty is the appearance of eternity in time. Kitaro Nishida

                                    Artist:  Sue StarckenComposers: Johannes Luebbers, Shoeb Ahmad; Choreographer: Lucinda Coleman

                                    Wine: Cabernet Merlot

1974 Levinas Shiraz; Communication with the other can be transcendent only as a dangerous life, a fine risk to be run. Emmanuel Levinas Otherwise Than Being

                                    Artist:   Kate LeslieComposer: Julie ValenzuelaChoreographer:  Sue Peacock

                                    Wine: Shiraz

2006 Barbery Tawny Port; Because a camellia can change fate. Muriel Barbery The Elegance of the Hedgehog

                                    Artist:   Lyndall AdamsComposer: Alix HamiltonChoreographer: Katie Chown

                                    Wine: Tawny port

Download the curatorial statement here: 

dancers . . .

Ellen Avery     Samantha Coleman     Katie Chown     Jacqui Otago     Caroline Stevenson     Esther Scott     Joanna Tan  



Thanks to our supporters and sponsors for all aspects of the winery psalms project!


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