Past Thoughts


F I N A L remnant thoughts: Create with what was, Make with what is, & Connect with what will be





WINTER '18: Ciao/Hello, Arrivederci/Goodbye, & Connettere/Connect 

AUTUMN '18: Create anyway, Make any-way, & Connect a-n-y-w-a-y 

SUMMER '17-'18: Create memories, Make new dances, & Connect with song



SUMMER '16-'17: Create love, Make in love, & Connect 



SPRING: Create, Make, Connect

August: Create intrinsically, Make time, & Connect with body

July: Create with us, Make together, & Connect within self and through others with love

June: Create, Make, & Connect with Six Degrees of Lee

April: Create, Make, & Connect

March: Create boldly, Make deeply, & Connect deeply

February: Create a psalm, Make wineskins, & Connect through the leaves 

January: Create afresh, Make with others, & Connect



December: Create joy, Make with gratitude,  Connect

November: Create and Make, time to Connect

October: Create, Make, Connect

September: Create space, Make place, to Connect with narratives

August: Create in, Make between, & Connect

July: Create, Make, Connect (India)

June: Create with us, Make with excellence, Connect with what's really important

May: Go Create, risk to Make, & choose to Connect

April: Create artfully, Make with artists, & Connect with new audiences

March: Let's Create, Make with us, and Connect

February: Created, to Make, for Connection 

January: Create anew, Make mention, & Connect with memory



December: Create with commitment, Make in meeting places, & Connect with growing up

November: Create in conversation, Make a difference, & Connect with curious endings

October: Create, Make, & Connect

September: Create with matter, to Make, & Connect with

August: Create with joy, & Make space, to Connect

July: Creating, Making, Connecting

June: Create balance, Make peace, & Connect to make your mark

May: Create child-like, Make together, & Connect

April: Create through sensory connections, Make mention, and Connect with bubbles in the glass

March: Create, Make, Connect

February: Create locally, Make globally, and Connect 

January: Create, Make, and Connect



December: Create a Merry Christmas, Make for a Happy New Year, and Connect with Lucid musings on endings and beginnings

November: Touch to Create, Make cutaneous change, and Connect with happenings haptic

October: Create by listening, Make within silence, and Connect with persona

September: Create truly, Make real Connections

August: Create your own masterpiece, Make art work, Connect with your inner artist

July: Celebrate & Create, Make with friends, and Conect through propinquity

June: Create on the frontline, Make back to back, Connect with occlusion

May: Create clearly, Make sense, and Connect with the nefalibata

April: Create with love, meet to Make, and Connect with dialogism

March: Create in the cracks, to make sense, of connection

February: Create together, and Make, skeins to Connect

January: Create for a new year, Make 2013 new, and Connect with new stories



December Create outside the frame, Make within, and Connect

November Choose to create, by Making, and Connect with the consequence of your choice

October: Create with loose change, Make exchange, and Connect with Lucid change  

September: Create yourself, Make it together and Connect through the detail
in the design

AugustCreate form through art, Make by Moving and Connect with Kalumburu

July: Create with the possibility of Can I?, Make for others and Connect
with Firsts

JuneCreate for now, Make kindred and Connect.. si monumentum requiris

May: Create with text, Make it and Connect to the beginning